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Mediumship with Karen Hollis

Karen Hollis is a professional clairaudient intuitive psychic/medium who makes her living by speaking with the dead and connecting them with their loved ones! Karen does private readings, in her office in Rocky Hill, CT and by phone. Karen believes that it is through the grace of the divine that she is able to do this sacred work. She has lectured extensively on the subject of mediumship and the paranormal. Her client base spans the globe from Milan Italy, to Osaka Japan. Karen became fascinated with the subject of life beyond death when she discovered that she was able to hear Spirits, and communicate with them. She was born a natural empath, and is considered a professional in the paranormal

John Holland, American medium with Karen HollisJohn Holland with Karen
James von Praagh and Karen HollisKaren with James Von Praagh
investigative field with over thirty years of experience. Over the years, Ms. Hollis has been asked to work with law enforcement to find missing persons, and to solve cases that have gone cold. She proficient in mediumship, psychometry, remote viewing, graphoanalysis, and palmistry. Karen is a master tarot reader and can also read a regular deck of playing cards.

Josie Gosschalk with Karen HollisJosie Gosschalk from the Netherlands with Karen

Most recently, Ms. Hollis had the privilege of studying mediumship extensively with four International Mediums as a part of "International Mediumship Week" which took place at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Each of these International Mediums were amazing in their own right. Each gave of their knowledge tirelessly in order to help Karen hone her skills to better connect the living with the dead, and for this she has expressed deep gratitude for their gracious gift of knowledge.

Tony Stockwell, English Medium with Karen HollisTony Stockwell, English Medium with Karen

Karen has been a featured mediium on Discovery channel's Destination America show "A Haunting." She is the psychic/medium for G.O.N.E.R.S. (Ghosts of New England Research Society).

In her role as a team member of Ghosts of New England Research Society, Ms. Hollis is the bridge between the evidence collected and explanation!

You can find out more about Karen's participation with the Ghosts of New England Research Society at their website.

More about Karen's mediumship for clients is here.