The Mystery & Magick of the Tarot: An Immersive Workshop with Psychic/Medium Karen Hollis

This class has been canceled

At the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, the Wethersfield Historical Society 200 Main St, Wethersfield, CT 06109

Tarot spread on Karen's reading table with a candle

This brand new class is designed for both the beginner and those who have made consistent study of the Tarot for personal insight and inspiration, this immersive workshop will bring depth to your foundational knowledge, and expand your understanding of hidden symbols and meanings of the Tarot. You’ll strengthen your ability to read the cards and make more accurate interpretations for personal insight, guidance, and self-knowledge. Join Karen for a deep dive into the mystery and magic of the Tarot!

In this full-day, immersive workshop you’ll learn:

The Queen of Cups, a Court card from the suit of Cups.

Karen Hollis is an internationally regarded Master Psychic/Medium who has appeared on Discovery Channel and has assisted with a variety of cold case investigations.

There will be no audits of this class.

Workshop fees are not refundable

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