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Karen Hollis, Professional Intuitive & Psychic Medium

Please see Karen's Policies page for weather emergency information!

Karen Hollis, gifted psychic, intuitive, medium, lead Psychic Investigator, Ghosts of New England Research Society
  Karen is a truly gifted intuitive and psychic medium who reads as a career. She has been helping people for over 30 years to make better decisions in their lives that benefit them! She does this by giving you a glimpse into your future based on the decisions and possible outcomes should you make certain choices.

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Karen appeared on Discovery Channel's Destination America

Discovery Channel's "A Haunting"

Destination America premiered an episode entitled "The Uninvited" featuring Karen on November 30, 2012. She was subsequently interviewed for a new show for the 2013 Season and this show is expected to air in the fall of 2013. Click here for more information…

Karen appeared on Jammin' 107.7 Radio

You can listen to the entire show here.

Karen has many abilities:

Karen's abilities may be reduced by strong perfumes or colognes, so it is recommended that you come to her office scent-free. Please see her Policies Page for more information.


If you are unable keep your appointment for your reading with Karen, for any reason, you must call and give us 36 hours notice so that Karen may accomodate other clients. Karen is a sought-after Psychic/Medium and often books many weeks in advance. Karen may not read for you if you have so little regard for her schedule, and for the courtesy to others. Please see her Policies Page for more information.

What Karen Does

As a Psychic, Karen can use several skills and tools to help her focus on your life and what is going on with you. She uses a regular deck of playing cards, a Tarot deck, your own handwriting and your palm to determine what is happening and what choices are in front of you. Karen always looks to find the best, highest possible outcomes for you and your loved ones. She does not predict death and she does not believe in "curses." Karen reads with accuracy and compassion.

She reads and offers classes in her office in Rocky Hill and also takes telephone appointments for readings. Her rates are $120 per hour and she accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover as well as cash in her office for readings.

Karen also offers lectures, webinars and other venues where you may encounter her abilities and learn of your own specific abilities.