A New Way of Tarot:

Published in Om Times, July, 2011

Get unstuck from life patterns that impede the soul's growth

by Karen A. Hollis

Published in Om Times, July, 2011

Please note: This article is an excerpt of an upcoming book that Karen is presently writing about the patterns she sees in her Reading Room.

A New Way of Tarot: Get unstuck from life patterns that impete the soul's growth

Learning the lesson inherent in every situation is the key to living a life of enduring happiness. Over the 25 years I have worked as a professional intuitive, conducting both Tarot readings and mediumship sessions, I have observed patterns—problems and possibilities—emerge from the life questions and quandaries that clients bring to the reading room. These Tarot "Life Patterns" play out in situations and relationships and bring about emotional pain. A common element among people who come for readings is to seek relief from the anguish caused by a Life Pattern and to understand why that Pattern is active in their life.

Tarot, Vices and The Soul

For those not familiar, the Tarot Deck is an ancient tool of Divination that evolved during early Christian times, when the Church was focused on instructing its followers on moral dilemmas and humanity's tendency to sin. Consequently, the Tarot Deck contains symbolism related to the "7 Deadly Sins," also known as the "Capital Vices." The currently recognized version of the list includes envy, greed, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth and wrath. Remarkably, the Tarot can reveal the relationship between these Life Patterns that cause us to get stuck in life and the Seven Vices.

If you think of the Tarot as a symbolic language that has within it, like The DaVinci Code, a road map for avoiding unhappiness and finding true spiritual fulfillment it is easier to comprehend the presence of the Vices within the cards and at work in one of eight Life Patterns. These Life Patterns occur in, among other scenarios, relationship struggles, family inheritance squabbles, in the role money plays in relationship to ego and self-worth, in the quest for love and in maintaining boundaries with other people.

The Tarot Deck, in the hands of a skilled professional, taps the subconscious mind. As a result, each Pattern revealed in the cards casts a bright light on the truth of what is creating your pain and impeding the soul's growth. By exploring the deeper meanings of the Life Patterns that cause you to feel stuck in life, you can summon the power within you to take meaningful action – furthering your soul's journey.

My Way of Tarot helps a person identify and understand the Pattern they are currently experiencing. If they understand how mental and emotional energy is being sucked into a situation that engages one of the seven vices, then if they choose, they can do something to change your situation. Unfortunately, not everyone who recognizes the consequences of staying stuck will choose to change. Here's an example:

"I'll have the Ruben" Pattern 1

The "I'll have the Reuben" Pattern is the most destructive and, perhaps, the most riveting. This Life Pattern is seen in the relationship between caretaker and the person cared for, be it a daughter caring for an ailing parent; a parent caring for an adult child whose fell on hard times, or a spouse caring for her partner. What's important here are the consequences of the pattern of relationship between both the caretaker and the person being cared for.

Briefly, what is typical is the caretaker "feels good," at first, because they are constantly giving and this satisfies a need they have within themselves. The caretaker exhibits the vice of "pride" in helping others. Inadvertently, they maybe be undermining the other person's capability to get well. There's no motivation to get well or change in other ways if your every need is being met. The caretaker is not allowing the one who is cared for to self-actualize and fulfill their soul's purpose. For the one being cared for, their life lesson is tied to the vice, sloth. This person gets used to not having to do for themselves and begins to rely on and even use the other person to fulfill their needs.

"I'll have the Ruben" is a life Pattern is based on a story of a 34-year old man who I call "Rueben," (hence the play on words), who had lived off of the auspices of his girlfriend for many years. When the girlfriend kicked him out of her apartment, Reuben moved in with his mother, who perpetuated his sloth. His mother made his meals, ran his bath, cleaned his room, provided him with money, bought him a motorcycle, and catered to him in many other ways all the while laying on guilt for any moment that Reuben was out of her site or not expressing eternal gratitude. She literally "babied Reuben to death" in that he eventually committed suicide.

"I'll Have the Ruben" Pattern 2

Not all Life Patterns lead to such devastating ends, but this example shows how not understanding why we are stuck and not becoming empowered to change stifles, or in the case of Reuben, destroys the soul.

So how does a person get unstuck?

When the pain of being held hostage by a Pattern exceeds the motivation to maintain the status quo, a person is ready for change. I help clients do this through questions for self-reflection and growth; clients examine the motivation that has allowed them to accept the pain a Pattern brings into their life. Together, we brainstorm alternatives that will free them from that Pattern and move the soul further on its journey.

The Ruben Positive Outcome

Are the Soul's Life Patterns Predetermined?

I do believe the Life Patterns we each face here on earth are predetermined, as a part of what is intended for the soul to grow toward enlightenment. I also believe it may be possible to experience additional Patterns, during our human lifetime, if it is in the soul's best interest to learn the lesson taught through a particular Pattern.

If you find that, even though the people or the places in your life change, you are experiencing the same kind frustration, sadness, grief and pain time and again, you may be experiencing one of the eight Life Patterns. The Way of Tarot can help you break free of that Pattern and find more joy in life. For people who are seeking deeper self-knowledge on their journey toward a conscious, soulful and happy life, The Way of Tarot has much to offer.

Karen Hollis is one of CT's most highly regarded professional psychics. She has 25 years experience as a clairaudient medium and Tarot Reader. A former marketing executive, Karen leads dynamic workshops throughout New England. She is writing her first book The Way of Tarot: Explore Your Life Patterns and Find Your Way to Happiness.

Contact Karen for your Way of Tarot reading 860-665-8024 between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

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