Your expectations in a mediumship session

To All Clients Who Wish to Speak With Their Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

Please note: I do not need the remains or personal effects of the deceased in order to contact them.

1Karen has successfully connected with persons who did not speak English when they were alive. Much of the communication, being symbolic, comes through very clearly as a result. Karen knows a few words in Polish, but she does not speak any language other than English.

As an example, you and your sister may make a pact that the one who passes first will come back and speak to you. In our example, your magic word is "bunny." So your sister predeceases you and you go to Karen for a session. Karen uses a technique with the departed where she will hold out her hand and ask the person to place something in her hand that is meaningful to the person sitting in front of her. So your sister places a bunny in her hand and Karen looks it in her mind's eye and says, "rabbit." This is how the symbolic communication works—the correct symbol is there but the first word Karen thinks of to describe the symbol is not the agreed-upon word. Nonetheless, the message has been passed and the evidence Karen brought forward was accurate.

Our House Media interviewed Karen for an episode of Paranormal Survivor. This episode has aired in the summer 2015 season on Destination America.

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