Your expectations in a mediumship session

To All Clients Who Wish to Speak With Their Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

Please note: I do not need the remains or personal effects of the deceased in order to contact them.

There is no "magic word." If you and a loved one have a pact that your loved one on the other side will, for example, say the word "bunny" to let you know that Karen is talking to them, this may not work. During a mediumshep appointment, Karen often asks the person on the other side to place something in her hand that is meaningful to the person in front of her. In our example, if your loved one places a bunny in her hand, she may say "rabbit" or "hare." Each of these three words are synonyms and what Karen says will be based on the symbol given to her by the contact on the other side.

The corrolary to this is that language is not a barrier. Karen speaks only English but has accurately passes messages from persons on the other side who are Polish, Italian, Hispanic and Latino without knowledge of their mother tongue.

Our House Media interviewed Karen for an episode of Paranormal Survivor. This episode has aired in the summer 2015 season on Destination America.

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