Published in Om Times, November, 2014

"Cursed" Locations?

By Karen A. Hollis

Published in Om Times, November, 2014

Does Your Home or Business Have a Negative Energy Signature?

Have you ever noticed how some homes and businesses in your community just never seem to "settle down" or "prosper" the way other nearby homes and businesses do? Think about the charming and otherwise normal looking home that has the "for sale" sign posted, again. What about businesses that go belly-up in a location that any broker would consider highly visible "prime real estate." Are these places where no one family or business can stay for long "cursed?"


Three restaurants failed in this one location.
Could this be due to a
Negative Energy Signature?

A curse is an "expressed wish" to bring about or cause great trouble, misfortune or harm to a person, place or thing. What's more likely than a curse on these locations is that the home or business is bound to a Negative Energy Signature (NES) or may be haunted. A Negative Energy Signature (NES), in my professional experience investigating hauntings, is what is left behind from either the history of what has taken place in a location, or from the energy that has impressed itself upon the location directly from the individuals that have consistently (over months, years or decades) inhabited a place.

For our purposes in this article, I do not use the word "haunted" or "hauntings" in reference to an intelligent haunting. An intelligent haunting suggests there is a discarnate spirit that has attached to a home or business. In relation to a NES, a home or business can be "haunted" as a consequence of persistent, powerful negative thoughts or from tragic historical events that have transpired along the time continuum of the location's existence. Consider these two examples: The Lizzie Borden home in Fall River, Massachusetts represents a residence-based negative energy signature. Due to the murders that took place at 92 Second Street, one would expect the energy there to be heavy with anger and grief. An example of a non-residential building with a heavy negative energy signature is the Book Depository in Dallas Texas where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot President John F. Kennedy. The building is now part of the and is a museum that has over 900 oral histories as a part of its collections.

The Lizzie Borden House as it stood in the late 19th Century
The Lizzie Borden House as it stood in the late 19th Century

A location need not be famous, or infamous as the case may be, to hold negative energy. That house up the street from you that's always on the market, it just might hold a NES. Let's look at how a NES can build and become insidious when thoughts and events come together to form a tsunami of negativity that attaches itself to a place.

The (Seemingly) Beautiful House on the Hill

A family buys a home that they can "just afford." Some months after moving in, the main breadwinner loses their job due to a car accident. The house ends up in foreclosure because of the medical bills. Due to all the stress of the foreclosure, a divorce takes place while the family is still occupying the residence. One of the teenage children begins to skip school and act out due to the divorce.

At this point, people living there may notice malfunctioning electronic equipment but they aren't able to identify a scientific or mechanical reason for this. Residents of the home may begin to experience migraine headaches. Unexplained noises are sometimes heard in the home late in the evening. Any or all of these phenomena can be attributed to kinetic energy that is trapped within the home and fed by the residents' negative thought habits. Over time, because we are energetic beings and our thoughts are energy, the negativity can build and the fears of the inhabitants can manifest as actual phenomena. The energy signature anchors in place and feeds on fear and the negativity, eventually becoming the reality that dictates the lives of the residents. The people living there begin to wonder if they are "cursed" when, in actuality, they are only "cursed" by their own negative thinking.

Location! Location! Location! It's Not Always as Good as it Appears

A negative energy signature at a business location isn't much different from that of a residence. However, effects of an NES might play out differently. In addition to businesses that perpetually fail at otherwise prime locations, businesses can have persistent difficulties in operations and management, high employee turnover, and constant customer service issues. These problems never seem to relent, and often get worse the longer a business owner tries to stay in a particular location.

If the location of a business is situated at what used to be a "crossroad," the energy may be chaotic and therefore, running the business will always seem chaotic. The owners will literally feel (and customers will notice) they are being pulled in "four directions" at once! If the energy signature prior to your building being constructed on the land was for use as a tavern, or as a burial ground, you may experience historic energy signatures as well as melancholy negative energetic signatures.

Assess the Energy Signature of Your Home or Business

Ask yourself the following questions to assess if a home or business has a NES. If you respond "yes" to two or more questions and there is no other reasonable explanation, it's quite likely a "negative energy signature" exists in that location.

  • What feelings do you experience when you walk into the location? Do you notice a "heaviness" or "lightness"? Do experience a sense of distress and stifling or a sense of openness and possibility?
  • If your first impression in a space is heavy or unhappy, do these feelings arise from inside you or feel like they are being impressed upon you?
  • When you leave the location, do these feelings dissipate or stay with you?
  • Can you describe the difference between the emotions you experienced while at the location versus how you feel when you are away from that home or business?
  • Do unexplained health issues or symptoms of illness arise during or immediately after you are in the location? Do you feel better after being away from that location?

How to Change a Negative Energy Signature

Since giving up a home or business location isn't easy, or may not be possible, there are several simple and practical ways to change, or clear, a NES. With all of these methods, it is best to begin by being fully present to your thoughts as often as you can. It will be up to you to change the signature by keeping a positive and steady attitude even though you are in a "house full of negativity."

  1. Be Mindful.When you come home think, "I am home and all is well."
  2. Unclutter. Unwanted/unused items feed negativity to an otherwise comfortable dwelling.
  3. Let the sunshine and fresh air in! Keep Qi (life force) energy moving through your space by opening blinds, windows and keep fresh air in circulation.
  4. Re-purpose the Rooms. Rearrange furniture, or even create a new use for a given room (e.g., if a child has moved out or after a loved one passes and their room is empty). Rearranging furniture breaks-up negative energy. No matter how small your office or home space, create as much openness as possible to help disperse negative energy so it has nothing to hold cling to.
  5. Ambient Light. Make sure the rooms are well-lit.
  6. Make Time for Quiet. Find time for quiet in your space. It doesn't have to be a constant hub of activity—and you don't want to fill the air with constant racket, fighting or other negative sounds. Let silence penetrate, soothe and heal the space. Likewise, soothing sounds of nature, classical or meditative music can disperse negative vibes.

Only you can decide whether or not to stay or leave a home or business location. You might do all of these things and still not be able to change the energy signature. It can be that hard! One thing is for sure, living in the present with the powerful energy of positive thoughts, love and light in your space is the best way to insure a brighter future for your home or business space.

Psychic/Medium Karen Hollis has used her abilities for more than 30 years, helping her clients acquire wisdom from Spirit about their soul lessons and how karmic patterns manifest in their life choices. Her private readings are highly regarded for their accuracy, integrity, and compassion.

Karen teaches seminars and has worked with law enforcement finding missing persons both in the United States and Canada. Karen has been featured on Discovery Channel's "A Haunting," and "Paranormal Survivor." As the lead psychic/medium investigator with Ghosts of New England Research Society (G.O.N.E.R.S.), Karen is "the bridge between evidence and explanation."

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