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Failure to Launch: Is it time for your adult child to leave the nest?

Many parents want to know when their child will get on with the business of growing up and accept increasing amounts of responsibility for their own life. Many parents have come into my office dismayed that their adult children are not moving out and moving on with their own lives. They ask if there is an "energetic reason" for why their children remain at home and they want to know how to help their adult child take on increasing levels of responsibility. Read more.

Reflections on "the Gift" of Psychic Abilities

It’s easy to think it would be wonderful to see some aspect of the future, to help people sort out their problems, or to bring forth messages from deceased loved ones. It’s also quite common for people say to a psychic, “you are so lucky to have ‘the gift.'” And to remark that they too would like to have ‘the gift.’ These comments always make me wonder about why people think of psychic or intuitive abilities as being a “gift” and, more importantly what a gift really is supposed to be, or mean to a person. Read more.

The Three Fallacies about Mediumship

There are common misunderstandings about mediumship. Karen debunks each and explains why. Find out more.

"The Way of Tarot" Book Project

Karen is presently writing a book. Entitled "The Way of Tarot" it has received considerable interest from publishers and is currently in the pre-publication stage. While writing the book, she has received requests for excerpts from several publications. She has released two so far.

A New Way of Tarot: Published in Om Times, July, 2011:

Get unstuck from life patterns that impede your soul's growth. Read more.

Life Patterns & the Soul's Journey published in Inner Tapestry, August / September 2011

Learning the lesson inherent in every situation is the key to living a life of enduring happiness. Read More.

Tarot Wisdom by Karen Hollis

Karen Hollis Initiates a new Tarot Wisdom column in Inner Tapestry

Tarot Reveals Solutions to Intergenerational Needs in a Changing Economy

For the young and the elder generations, prior to the economic crash of 2008, the world was a very different place. The Tarot Cards can enlighten us regarding how we might, as a conscious nation, work through solving the needs of both the young and the old during these economically, and spiritually, turbulent times. Read More.

Tarot as a Tool for Initiation into the World of Spirit

People are still searching for something more, something that will show them the way. Though never quite sure exactly what it is, but certain it is "out there"—this deeper, more symbolic something that will guide them. Read More.

The days in the week of the Mayan Calendar

What the Tarot says about the Mayan Calendar

The Winter Solstice (December 21, 2012) marks the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours for those living south of the equator, and many prophecies about the end of the world have surrounded this date as it corresponds with the last day of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. I was curious as to what the Tarot would say about the subject. Read More.

Springtime welcomes your smile

The theme of "smile" is a wonderful one in that spring is upon us, and the Goddess mother is fertile once more. Gardeners, like myself, are finally able to put plants into the ground after planning and re-planning our gardens all winter. No doubt the Universe has planted seeds of change within your heart at the New Year in the form of resolutions. Read More.

Harvesting from your garden

The gardens that were planted in late April and early May are beginning to yield the fruits of the gardener's labor come August and September, and so it also is with how we reach our soul's potential. Read More.

A full-bodied apparition in a basement

Debunking Earthbound Spirits

In the 25-years I have had the opportunity to connect the living with the dead, never once did a spirit indicate they were being held back, held captive or somehow trapped or imprisoned on the earth plane.

I was asked recently to join the Ghosts of New England Research Society to use my talents to explore what is usually unexplainable in businesses and in peoples' homes. The results have been quite interesting.

So what is with the apparent full-bodied apparition to the left? Find out more.

Review: "Restless In Peace"

Author Mariah De La Croix's new book, "Restless in Peace: A Psychic Mortician's Encounters With Those Who Refuse To Rest" is a fast and furious heart pounding read that left this avid ghost hunter psychic/medium shaking with morbid fascination. Published in Inner Tapestry, Spring 2013. Read more.

Simply Deep Tarot, the Ten of Coins, the King of Swords and the Two of Swords

Review: Simply Deep Tarot

The Simply Deep Tarot, by Chanel Bayless, is a Art Nouveau deck that weaves both mythology and legend together in ways that will delight and expand the psychic senses. Published in Inner Tapestry, Spring, 2012. Read More.

Nine of Pentacles

Analyzing Dreams with the Tarot

The Tarot Deck embodies symbolism of universal ideas, behind which lies all the workings of the human psyche—memories and dreams, hopes and fears, and the journey from life to death. Tapping the rich symbolism of the dream world is one of the royal roads to personal insight, healing and creativity. Published in the Dream Network Journal, Spring 2012 Read More.

Dream Interpretation with the Tarot

Karen demonstrates how tapping the rich symbolism of the dream world is one of the royal roads to personal insight, healing and creativity. Published in the Door Opener, Winter 2011-2012. Read More.

Power of Tarot: Ancient divination tool brings self-awareness, path toward growth published in Many Hands, September, 2011.

The Tarot, when used as a symbolic language can identify ways of getting "unstuck" in your life and let you examine the motivations in your life. Read More.

Book Review: The Alchemy of Tarot

Alchemy is recommended for the serious student who wants to delve into an eclectic approach to divination using the tarot. Read More.

Book Review: "Confessions of a Tarot Reader" by Jane Stern

Many of the stories Ms. Stern tells in her book mirror those I see in my reading room. Read more.

Our House Media interviewed Karen for an episode of Paranormal Survivor. Find out more.

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