Tarot Wisdom by Karen Hollis: Professional Intuitive and Psychic Medium

by Karen Hollis

Tarot Reveals Solutions to Intergenerational Needs in a Changing Economy

Both the young and the elder generations are mired in economic strife that affects not only our ability to meet basic costs for living—shelter, food, safety, education, health and well care—it is affecting how we evolve spiritually. For both generations, prior to the economic crash of 2008, the world was a very different place. A soaring stock market in the late 1990's allowed most Americans the ability to afford not only what they needed, they could spend money on things they simply "wanted." High school seniors had a good chance for affording the cost of a higher education. They could be confident they would find a good paying job—if not their dream job—soon after graduation. Retirees, members of the Baby Boom generation, had nest eggs they could count on hatching for travel and leisure in the 'second prime of life.' Economically and energetically, the world, indeed, has changed.

The Tarot Cards can enlighten us regarding how we might, as a conscious nation, work through solving the needs of both the young and the old during these economically, and spiritually, turbulent times. An ancient divination tool, the Tarot is both wise and direct, and so did not disappoint in the guidance it offered upon my inquiry.1.

Ten of Pentacles

The first card that I pulled was the Ten of Pentacles. The image on this card shows a family that is clearly intergenerational, working together to provide peace and prosperity to the young and the elder generations depicted on the card.

Families, not so long ago, lived in close community with one another. It was typical for two or three generations to occupy a multi-family residence or to live in homes within a few streets of one another. As I meditated with this particular card, I was reminded of my own family of Irish immigrants. My grandparents, my parents, and an aunt and uncle and all the children lived in a three-family home in New Britain, CT. This family living arrangement provided reliable childcare when a parent was ill or worked. It provided children (and parents, too) comfort that they were with family, not strangers. When my grandmother became ill, it was my aunt and my mother who nursed her back to health. When there was snow to shovel, or heavy work to be done, three generations of men put their muscle behind the job.

With the Ten of Pentacles, the Tarot is revealing that this kind of close community—be it the "old fashioned" living arrangements of blood-relatives or the village of friends and neighbors who can be trusted and relied upon in the same way—is vital to the emotional, physical and spiritual growth of both the young and elder in our society. The Tarot, through this card, is advising us to seek a more sustainable way of communal living whether within families or amongst those of like mind and hearts.

The Ten of Pentacles offered a "bigger picture" on an important contributor to the strife that many individuals and families are facing these days. This led me to my next inquiry: "What can be done to lighten the load so many people are carrying in this challenging new economy?"

Six of Cups

The Tarot's wisdom brought forth the Six of Cups. This card depicts a girl putting her arm around the shoulder of a younger child who might be a brother. Six vases holding beautiful flowers surround them. I understood the wisdom of this card to convey the importance of the older generation investing in and guiding the younger generation. The seeds we sow with the young blossom in the future. It is the younger generation, having grown-up, who will care for and sustain all that we truly hold valuable in this world. It is only through our humanity that we are brought together and made stronger spiritually. So, we must invest our time and energy in guiding the young toward a more viable world, in mind, body and spirit.

There are many ways to apply this Tarot Wisdom in our lives. You can take an hour a week to mentor a young person in our community. You can teach them a skill, a craft or just spend time in nature. You could coach a sport and be a positive role model through physical activity. You might want to volunteer at a local food pantry or Habitat for Humanity. Consider shopping at consignment or Good Will stores that recycle household items and clothing to help support charities. You can grow your own vegetables. Think about the talents you have and the time you can spare to help others in an ever-changing economic landscape.

The Tarot Wisdom, in this inquiry, shows us we would be wise to change the way we approach our lives and how we live and act among one another. We are likely to find a better life by nurturing relationships between the generations. Blending age and wisdom with the energy and optimism of youth would be powerful as an antidote for depression and frustration in difficult times.

1.For the purpose of this column, I drew only two cards from the Tarot Deck. I have no doubt the Tarot's wisdom on this topic, using the entire deck would provide even greater insight and practical application.

Karen Hollis is one of Connecticut's most highly regarded professional psychics. She is a sought-after Master Tarot reader who has over 25 years experience both reading and teaching the Tarot. A former marketing executive, Karen leads dynamic workshops throughout New England. Karen is also the Lead Psychic/Medium Investigator with Ghosts of New England Research Society a.k.a. G.O.N.E.R.S. She is writing her first book The Way of Tarot: Discover Your Life Patterns and Find Your Way to Happiness. For a reading with Karen, please call 860-665-8024 between the hours of 9:00a.m.–7:00p.m. Eastern Time.

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